Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary US Military Service Support

Are you a veteran?  Are you an active duty person?  Are you a relative of service person or veteran?

We Need Your Help 

One year ago, we asked for your help to identify names of Active Service Persons and veterans of your family/friends so we could honor them on Veterans Day 2015.  We received the names of 70 Service persons, active, living and deceased.  We are Now asking for the addresses of the active duty and living Veterans so we might Honor them with cards on this Veterans Day 2016.

We will be asking the children of the Parish, through our Faith Formation classes and their families to create these gifts of love.  We will also have card making kits available for anyone who wants to create a masterpiece of their own.

Please assist us by filling out the following form online, or by filling out a paper copy and submitting it to ABVM by October 1, 2016 by placing it in the Box provided in the gathering space.   Fields with * are required.

Yours in Christ,

The 100th Anniversary Service Committee